Final Exam Review - PublicSpeakingDrWinfrey

Final Exam Review
The final exam is worth 100 points with 70 points from multiple choice and 30 from short answer/short
essay. These are some areas I suggest you study for the final. This is not an exhaustive list of everything
appearing on the final. You are responsible for all information covered in class and assigned for reading.
The final is comprehensive, but the majority of the questions focus on the topics we’ve covered since the
The following 5 topic areas have been covered in the second half of the semester.
• Emotional Appeals 
• Propositions of fact, value, and policy 
• Ethos, Pathos, Logos 
• Attitudes, values, beliefs
• Persuasive organizational patterns- Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, Problem-Solution,
• Cognitive dissonance- definition, coping strategies
• Persuasive purposes- induce action, weaken commitment, strengthen commitment, conversion.
Reasoning & Argumentation
• Components of an argument (claim, evidence, warrant)
• Forms of reasoning- inductive, deductive, analogy, syllogism 
• Logical fallacies- be able to define and identify fallacies- causal, bandwagon, ether/or, hasty
generalization, ad hominem, red herring, appeal to misplaced authority, non sequitor.
• Guidelines for ethical speech (notes)
o Consequences v. Intentions 
o Sources 
o Emotional Appeals
o Nonverbal Deception 
o Speaking as a Representative 
o Ends v. Means 
o Changes in Personal Speaking Style
• Plagiarism
• Free speech & ethical speaking (textbook)
Special Occasion Speaking  
• Forms of ceremonial speech 
• Goals of special occasion speeches
• Guidelines for eulogy, introduction, presentation, toast, and commencement speeches 
• Style & Delivery in ceremonial speeches
Items from the first half of semester
 General purpose, specific purpose, thesis
 Transitions
 Organizational patterns
 Research- strategies, how to cite sources, how to incorporate
 Parts of introductions & conclusions