Presidents of the United States

The Roles of the American President
Objectives and State Standard
• I can identify the roles of the American
President. (7.5.spi . 2)
Focus Question : What qualities should a
President possess?
President’s Roles
• 1)Chief Diplomat: foreign relations with other countries.
This would include: trade talks, welcoming leaders of
others countries, traveling to other countries, conflicts,
battles, and/or wars, peace missions, etc.
President’s Roles
2) Chief of State- This role requires a president to be an
inspiring example for the American people. In some
nations, the chief of state is a king or a queen who wears
a crown on special occasions, celebrates national
holidays, and stands for the highest values and ideals of
the country. As the American Chief of State, the
president is a living symbol of the nation. It is
considered a great honor for any citizen to shake the
president's hand.
President’s Roles
3) Chief of Party-In this role, the president helps members
of his political party get elected or appointed to
office. The president campaigns for those members
who have supported his policies. At the end of a term the
president may campaign for reelection.
President’s Roles
• 4) Commander in Chief-the President is in charge of all
armed services. They can not declare war without
Congressional approval. Patience anyone?
President’s Roles
• 5) Chief Economic Planner-this role allows the President
to have a say in raising taxes, cutting taxes, and
interest rates. This role, however, is very limited.
“I think this budget issue ought to become front and center in the
presidential election, in all the debates, in very specific ways,” Clinton
President’s Role
• 6) Chief Legislator-Only Congress has the actual power
to make laws. But the Constitution gives the president
power to influence Congress in its lawmaking.
Presidents may urge Congress to pass new laws or
veto bills that they do not favor. Can’t make laws!
President’s Roles
• 7) Chief Executive-The president is "boss" for millions
of government workers in the Executive Branch,
deciding how the laws of the United States are to be
enforced and choosing officials and advisers to help run
the Executive Branch. Also, they make sure laws are
carried out.
Checks for Understanding
1. Who is the President of the United States?
2. Which of the 7 roles of a President, do you think would
be the most challenging?
Presidents of the United States
Roles of the President
Presidential Limits
Have to be a natural born citizen
At least 35 years of age
Can serve only 2 terms/10 years max
power is limited by the Congress (legislative) and
Supreme Court (judicial)
• does not have ultimate power
• Extremely stressful and always under the watch of
millions of Americans
With all the stress, what do I get?
Benefits of being President
Salary 400,000 yearly for the rest of their life
live in the White House for free
own personal chef for free
clothing allowance of 200,000 plus yearly while in office
Secret Service while in office and 10 years after leaving
Benefits of being President
• Health Care for life
• vacation at Camp David
• ride in Air Force One, Armored Cadillac limo, Helicopter
Marine One
White House
Air Force One
Marine One
President’s Armored Limo
Vacation at Camp David
Make sure to complete your 2 sentence summary for
What We Learned Today.
1st President of the United States
George Washington
Key General in American Revolution
Father of the United States
Thomas Jefferson
Louisiana Purchase (Western U.S. 15 million at 3 cents an acre in 1803)
University of Virginia
Pushed for education for everyone (public education)
Andrew Jackson
Founded the Democratic Party
Abe Lincoln
President During Civil War
Gettysburg Address
Founder of the Republic Party
Theodore Roosevelt
Rough Riders
Set aside National Parks
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Great Depression (created Social Security and TVA)
Only President to serve 4 terms
Harry S. Truman
President During WWII and Korean War
The Buck Stops Here
• U.S. president Harry S.
Truman had a sign with
this inscription on his
desk. This was meant to
indicate that he didn't
'pass the buck' to anyone
else but accepted
personal responsibility for
the way the country was
• Ordered use of the
Atomic Bomb
• He used executive orders
to end racial
• Containment of
John Fitzgerald Kennedy(JFK)
Cuban Missile Crisis
Responsible for NASA
• “And so, my fellow
Americans: ask not
what your country
can do for you - ask
what you can do for
your country. ”
• Big leader in the Civil
Rights Movement of
the 1960s.
• Kennedy
assassination is one
of the biggest
Richard Nixon
Open trade with China
Only President to Resign
Ronald Reagan
ends the Cold War
Bill Clinton
NAFTA and Internet Age
George W. Bush
President during 9/11
Current President of the U.S
Barack Obama.
Checks for Understanding
• 1) Name 1 qualification a candidate for President has to
have before running for President.
• 2) What benefit do you think would be the best a
President receives?