How to draw Lewis diagrams for compounds

Lewis Structures
Drawing Lewis Structures:
1. Draw skeletal structure of compound showing what atoms are bonded to each other. A) Put least
electronegative element in the center. B) Use only single dashes C) Draw symmetrically.
2. Count total number of valence e-. Add 1 for each negative charge. Subtract 1 for each positive
charge. From this total, subtract the electrons that are involved in bonding (2 electrons per dash)
3. Distribute the electron dots around the molecule symmetrically.
4. If octet rule is not being met, form double and triple bonds on central atom as needed.
5. Check your answer. A) Are all atoms meeting octet rule? B) Do the total number of electrons equal
your original amount? If not, try again.
Draw Lewis Structures for the following compounds.
1. F2
6. CO
2. H2O
7. CO32-
3. SCl2
8. SO42-
4. AsF3
9. N2F2
5. SiH4
10. C3H6O