Gene Activity Review Questions

Gene Activity Review Questions (Chapter 14)
1. What are the 2 processes that are required for protein synthesis?
2. DNA codes for all proteins made in the body but it can not leave the nucleus. How does it get
its message to a ribosome?
3. Compare and contrast DNA to RNA.
4. Explain what role each of the 3 types of RNA play in protein synthesis.
5. When it is time for a gene to produce a protein, what occurs in DNA?
6. How does the transcription of mRNA know where to start and stop transcribing?
7. What things have to occur to the primary strand of mRNA to become ready to leave the
8. What is an intron? What is an exon? Which makes up mRNA?
9. What is the primary mRNA called when it leaves the nucleus?
10. Where is the mRNA going once it leaves the nucleus?
11. Where in the cell does translation take place?
12. What 3 components must be present for translation to take place?
13. Draw and label the parts of tRNA.
14. Translation can be compared to an assembly line. Explain…
15. What is the genetic code?
16. What is a codon? What is the relationship between a codon and the genetic code?
17. What are the 3 steps of translation?
18. What is a polyribosome? Why would you need this?
19. What are the 2 major types of mutations that occur in genes? Draw an example of each.
20. How can you have a mutation but not know it?