Female Reproductive System


Mature female egg cell

Plural form

› At puberty you will have approximately 300,000 eggs

 Only 400 or so will mature

One Egg

› Each month during ovulation 1 egg cell is released into fallopian tube.

Hollow muscular passage leading from the uterus to the outside of the body

› Birth Canal

Location where sperm enters the body

Walls of vagina are elastic allowing it to expand during childbirth

Narrow base of the uterus.

During childhood cervix expands to let baby pass from uterus to vagina.

Pair of small almond sized organs located a few inches below the waist.

2 important roles

› Produce Estrogen & Progesterone

› Produce and release mature egg cells

Born with all the eggs you will need entire life.

Pear shaped organ located between ovaries and behind bladder.

Location where fertilized egg will implant and grow.


Lining of the uterus

Thickens before menstruation preparing for implantation

If egg is not fertilized, lining will break down and be discharged from the body


Two small tubes that carry the released egg from the ovary to the uterus.

Tiny fingerlike projections sweep egg towards the uterus

Usually where fertilization occurs

Outer and inner folds of skin on each side of vagina

Helps to reduce infection