Egg experiment lab - Norwell Public Schools

Osmosis Egg Experiment Lab­
Use this sheet to take notes on the experiment. You will be typing this information into a formal lab report.
Egg in ­
Size on Size on Size on
This data will be turned into a graph to be attached to your lab report. You may use pages to create your line graph.
1. What was the purpose of this lab? (purpose)
2. What were the materials that we used? (Listed in procedure)
3. What was the procedure of the lab? (Step by step, numbered, procedure)
4. What process was demonstrated by the lab? What evidence can you use to support your answer? (Discussion of theory)
5. Using your graph make a prediction about what would have happened to the eggs if we had left them in their various liquids for another week. (Calculations and graph)
6. Were your original predictions about the circumference of the egg true or false? Why or why not. (Conclusion)
7. What can you predict about the contents of water versus corn syrup after this experiment? (Conclusion)
Your Lab report will include: