Water Notes

Water’s chemical formula is H2O
made of two hydrogens atoms and 1
oxygen atom
formed by covalent bonds
The water molecule is not symmetrical
hydrogens bonds at an 104.5
Water is a polar molecule
Electrons are shared unevenly
spend more time around the
giving the oxygen a weak negative
charge and the hydrogen a weak
positive charge
Water molecules have
distinctive regions “pole” with
opposite electric charges
Hydrogen Bonds
Water forms
bonds between
two water
molecules called
hydrogen bond.
Unique properties of water
Universal solvent –
will dissolve ionic
compounds easily
because their
opposite charges
are attracted to
different parts of
the water molecule
Water sticks to other polar molecules
cohesion – attraction between two
water molecules giving water a high
surface tension
adhesion – attraction between
water and another polar molecule
water stores heat efficientlywater heats more slowly and retains
heat longer
Water is less dense as a solid
than a liquid
the crystal structure of ice takes up more
space than liquid water
solid water (ice) floats