Chapter 3 Objectives

Chapter 3 Objectives
After reading this chapter and attending class, you should be able to:
Describe how water contributes to the fitness of the environment's ability to support life
Describe the structure, geometry and polar nature of a water molecule and explain what
properties emerge as a result of these characteristics
Explain the relationship between the polar nature of water and its ability to form
hydrogen bonds
List five characteristics of water that result from hydrogen bonding
Distinguish between heat and temperature
Explain how water's high specific heat, high heat of vaporization and expansion upon
freezing affect both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems
Explain how the polarity of the water molecule makes it a versatile solvent and be able to
identify those kinds of molecules likely to be highly soluble in water
Write the equation for the dissociation of water and explain what is actually transferred
from one molecule to another
Explain the pH scale
Explain how acids or bases directly or indirectly affect the hydrogen ion concentration of
a solution