Intro to Psych, Soc, Anthro PPT

Introduction to Anthropology,
Psychology, and Sociology
•Social Sciences aim for a rational and
systematic understanding of human society.
•They are concerned with the origin and
development of human society, and the
institutions, relationships, and ideas involved in
social life.
political science
Anthropology: A Definition
Anthropology is the scientific study of all aspects of human life
and culture.
 Anthropology examines such topics as how people live,
what they think, what they produce, and how they interact with
their environments.
Anthropologists try to understand the full range of human
diversity as well as what all people share in common.
Anthropology is based on three key concepts: society, culture,
and evolution.
Psychology: A Definition
Psychology is the scientific study of individual behaviour and
the mind.
 psychology is a scientific enterprise that obtains knowledge
through systematic and objective methods of observation and
 psychologists study behaviour, which refers to any action or
reaction that can be measured or observed—such as the blink of
an eye, an increase in heart rate, or the unruly violence that often
erupts in a mob.
 psychologists study the mind, which refers to both conscious
and unconscious mental states. These states cannot actually be
seen, only inferred from observable behavior.
Sociology: A Definition
Sociology is the scientific study of group behaviour or human
social relations.
 Sociologists examine the ways in social structures and
institutions - family; class; community; power - and social
problems - such as crime and abuse - influence society.
 The field focuses on how and why people are organized in
society, either as individuals or as members of associations,
groups, and institutions.
In groups of 3 or 4 (as assigned), complete the following task from the
perspective of a psychologist, sociologist and anthropologist:
Group 1
Explain why a group of thugs would engage
in an attack on people at a gay bar.
Group 2
Explain why Canadian peacekeepers put their
lives on the line in a foreign country.
Group 3
Explain why soccer fans riot at a game in
Group 4
Explain why a pig farmer in B.C. would kill
dozens of prostitutes.
Group 5
Explain why corporate executives would
knowingly engage in polluting the environment.
Group 6
Explain why a public health inspector would
volunteer to help clean up the bodies after the
tsunami in Indonesia.
Group 7
Explain why a citizen of Germany would
participate in the Holocaust.
1. Read page 7 to 9 in order to
Do Question # 3 p. 9
2. Read p. 10 to 14 in order to
Do Questions 1 - 3 p. 14
3. Review your notes in order to
Complete Question 11 p. 16