Transferable Skills

 Wide
ranging curiosity
 Observe, analyze, synthesize and interpret information
 Make critical observations and evaluations
 Think clearly and
 Understand ideas
form arguments
and values
 Identify community services
 Understand group behavior and social influences on individual behavior
 Understand social structures and change
 Recognize cultural differences/similarities and intercultural conflicts
 Appreciate others’ perspectives and the differences among different social groups
 Communicate across cultures
 Organize, conduct and explain research using a variety of data gathering techniques
 Understand and communicate statistical information
 Use computer skills to process and analyze data
 Design and conduct surveys to study social attitudes, values and behaviors
 Conduct field studies
 Analyze organizational patterns and group dynamics to find solutions to problems and improve
human relationships
 Gather information and synthesize ideas from different sources to write reports and present policy
recommendations and conclusions
 Bring together information and observations to inform and address societal problems
 American Sociological Association -
 International Sociological Association –
 Society for Applied Sociology –
 Association for Humanist Sociology –
 Good Works-Social Change Careers –
 Action Without Borders –
 American Anthropological
 Archaeological Institute of
Association –
America –
 Social Science Research Council –
 Society for Applied Anthropology –
 National Association for the Practice of Anthropology –
 Society for American Archaeology –
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