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Course Outline: HSP3UI
Ms. Worrell
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Course Description:
This course provides students with opportunities to think critically about theories, questions, and issues related to
anthropology, psychology, and sociology. Students will develop an understanding of the approaches and research
methods used by social scientists. They will be given opportunities to explore theories from a variety of perspectives,
to conduct social science research, and to become familiar with current thinking on a range of issues within the three
Essential Learning:
 Explore topics related to anthropology, psychology, and sociology, and formulate questions appropriate to each
discipline to guide their research
 Assess record, analyse, and synthesize information gathered through research and social science research and
inquiry method.
 Communicate the results of their research and inquiry clearly and effectively, and reflect on and evaluate their
research, inquiry, and communication skills.
 Demonstrate an understanding of major theories, perspectives, and research methods in anthropology,
psychology and sociology.
 Use an anthropological, psychological and sociological perspective to explain patterns of socialization .
Critical Evidence of Learning will include: (Missing critical evidence of learning may result in loss of
Individual Oral Presentations
Group Oral Presentations
Written Components
Research Components
Culminating Activities
Final Examination
Seventy percent (70%) of the final mark will come from term work and thirty percent (30%) will
come from final evaluations. Student work will be evaluated using a balance of the Ministry’s four
achievement chart categories: Knowledge & Understanding, Thinking & Inquiry, Application and
Communication. Please see school website for detailed School Assessment & Evaluation Policy.
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(HSP3UI) Course Outline 2014 – 2015