Physics (Test 1)

Adyar - Adambakkam - East Tambaram - Pallavaram - Pammal - Chrompet
XI - std
Physics (Test 1)
Max. Mark : 50
I Answer any FOUR of the following:
1. Write a note on the basic forces in nature?
2. What are the methods for determination of larger distance? Also discuss laser pulse method.
3. What are the limitations of dimensional analysis?
4. Check whether the equation λ=h/mv is dimensionally correct.
5. The length of a rod is measured as 25 cm using a scale having an accuracy of 0.1 cm.
determine the percentage error in length.
6. Convert 76 cm of Hg pressure into Nm-2 using the method of dimensions.
II Answer any THREE of the following:
7. Give the rules and conventions followed while writing SI units?
8. a) What are the limitations of dimensional analysis? What are the uses of dimensional
b) Distinguish between fundamental units and derived units.
9. The force acting on a body moving in a circular path depends on mass ‘m’ of the body,
velocity ‘v’ and radius ‘r’ of the circular path. Obtain an expression for the force by dimensional
analysis (Take K=1)
10. Convert using dimensional analysis
i) 18/5 Kmph into ms-1.
ii) 13.6 g cm-3 into Kgm-3.