Dimensional Analysis work sheet I

Homework Work Sheet
Dimensional and Unit Analysis
1. Define a dimension in Physics.
a. Give 3 examples each of:
i. Base dimensions
ii. Derived dimensions
2. How many base dimensions are found in physics? Name the three base dimensions most commonly
used in 1st semester physics.
3. Name all 7 base units in physics
4. Perform dimensional analysis on the following equations. State if the equation is dimensionally correct.
If the equation is not dimensionally correct explain why it is not correct.
L = r=x=d=y
m = mass
t = time
a = L/t2
d = vot + ½ at2
v = at2
vf 2 = vd(1/t) + 51at
area of circle = 2πr2=
volume of sphere = 4/3 πr3
6m = 4/3xt + 7at2 + 5d
5. Solve for d in the following equation. Do a dimensional analysis on the equation. Show all work
(conversions) needed to solve this problem.
5.6 km/hr (40.0min) = 72m/s + 35m/s(10s) + 8.0 m/s = d