Computer Graphics Lecture 1 July 11, 2005

Computer Graphics
Lecture 1
July 11, 2005
Computer Graphics
What do you think of?
The term “computer graphics” is a blanket term used to refer to
the field of computer science specializing in computer
generated images.
What is an image?
An image is a 2-dimensional array of
pixels (dots of color). If the resolution
(density of the dots) is high enough, the
pixels blend together seamlessly to form
the image the eye sees.
On a computer monitor, a pixel is represented by the additive combination of
the 3 primary colors: red, green, and blue in varying brightness.
155/255 Red
112/255 Green
46/255 Blue
pixel in an image
pixel on a screen
Computer Generated Images (CGI)
How do computers generate images?
Rendering or
Drawing Program
Two Dimensional (2D) Images
Two Dimensional (2D) Images
• Composited Images / Icons
• Shapes (Circles, Squares, Lines, Curves)
• Text (various Fonts)
• Gradients and other Fills
Three Dimensional (3D) Images
Three Dimensional (3D) Images
• Polygons
• Textures / Shaders
• 2D Overlays
• Particle Systems
How did they do that?