Welcome to the Alabama Virtual Library (AVL)

Welcome to the Alabama
Virtual Library (AVL)
What is the AVL?
AVL provides all students, teachers, and
citizens of the State of Alabama with online
access to essential library and information
What can be found at the
Newspaper articles
Magazine/Journal articles
Encyclopedia articles
Biographical information
Television and radio transcripts
Library catalogs
Let’s get started!
Click on Favorite Places and go to
“Welcome to the Alabama Virtual Library
Enter URL: http://www.avl.lib.al.us
Choose location
Campus and Library
Home Access: In order to have home
access, you must go to your local public
library and get an access card
There are an almost overwhelming number
of databases.
Some are age specific.
Some are discipline specific.
Some provide a great variety of
AccessScience – Includes:
 McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science
and Technology
 Dictionary of Scientific and Technical
 Biographies
 News articles
African-American History and Culture
Historical documents
Photo gallery
Maps and charts
Alabama Libraries
Online catalogs of many Alabama libraries
EBSCOHost Web
Full-text searches of magazines, journals,
and trade publications
Daily news feeds from the KnightRidder/Tribune Business News and KnightRidder/Tribune News Service
Articles can be printed or emailed
Popular magazines
Scholarly journals
Broadcast transcripts
Special collections for
K-12 students and
elementary school
Encyclopedia Americana
Multimedia content
Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English
Wall Street Journal Almanac
Encyclopedia Britannica
Complete encyclopedia
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary
Britannica Book of the Year
Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
Academic American Encyclopedia
Comprehensive atlas
Gallery of pictures and sounds
Timelines of noteworthy events, people,
ideas, and themes
New Book of Knowledge – Grades 3 and up
Projects and activities
The American Heritage Children’s Dictionary
The American Heritage Children’s Thesaurus
Age specific
JuniorQuest: Junior high and middle school
KidsQuest: Elementary
 Periodicals
 World Book Encyclopedia
Searchasaurus: Elementary to middle school
 New World Encyclopedia
 EBSCO Encyclopedia of Animals
Full-text poems
Poem citations and excerpts
Gale Group Literary Resources
Criticisms of literary works
Contemporary authors
Scribner Writers Series
The Twayne Authors Series
What are the benefits of
using the AVL?
Abundance of relevant information
Always open
It’s free!
It’s FUN!!!