Native Americans in the West Objective: The Plains Indians way of life


Native Americans in the West


The Plains Indians way of life

Negotiations & Conflict

Native American Resistance

(a.k.a. the Indian Wars)

_______________________ since not in one spot, Americans thought the land was available

World centered around the ___________________

Americans hunting bison to extinction & forcing Plains Indians away from their home depended primarily on them for food, shelter, & clothing

Fort Laramie Treaty – U.S. accepted Indian claims to the land & _____________

_____________________. Didn’t last long because of treasure seekers & farmers

Reservations – _____________________ set aside for Natives. Many Indians refused to leave homeland.

The Long Walk – _____________ pushed from AZ to NM; 100s of Navajo died.

Dawes Act – taking & ____________________________________, the way

American govt. wants; goal – to take Native resources & make American $$$

Indian Schools – part of U.S. Govt. Indian Policy; boarding schools were mandatory; ___________________; brainwash them into being “American” &

Christian war between U.S. fed. govt. & Plains Indians

__________________________ – _______________________; Sitting Bull &

Crazy Horse refused to leave for reservations

worst defeat of U.S. Army in the west; also last Sioux victory

_________________ – _______________ who led a band of warriors to fight U.S. soldiers; his courage to remain free made him a legend.

__________________ – resistance in NW (Oregon & Idaho reservation)

U.S. govt. took back land reserved for Natives for gold miners & settlers

______________________ reluctantly agreed & surrenders to U.S. army

The Ghost Dance - a religious movement predicting the arrival of paradise free from all settlers; _______________________________________ (like worshiping)

____________________________________ – U.S. troops killed 150 innocent

Sioux; this __________________ of more than 25 years of war on the Great Plains