File - Ms. Thomas Physical science 8

Monday 2-2-15
• CRT Practice #7:
• A hitchhiker's thumb (h) is a recessive
trait compared to a straight-thumb
(H). If an individual who is
homozygous for a straight-thumb has
offspring with an individual who is
heterozygous with a straight-thumb,
then what is the probability that the
offspring will have a hitchhiker’s
• A. 75%
• B. 50%
• C. 25%
• D.0%
• Science Fact #7:
100 years ago: The first virus
was found in both plants and
Homework: Laws of Physics
D. 0%
• Binder check: for 2nd and 3rd quarter at the end of 3rd
quarter: March 24th, Tuesday
• My Website:
• Agenda Check every Friday for 10pts
• CRT Practice/Science Fact/Agenda
• Pass back papers and go over test
• Laws of Physics Notes
• Bill Nye Motion Clip
Tuesday 2-3-15
• CRT Practice #8:
• Science Fact #8:
• A process that involves fusing
two parent cells to form a new
organism is known as
The smallest bone in the human
body is the stapes or stirrup
bone located in the middle ear.
It is approximately .11 inches
(.28 cm) long.
• A. asexual reproduction.
• B. sexual reproduction.
• C. meiosis
• D. mitosis
Homework: Roller Coaster Lab/
Laws of Physics Notes
• B. Sexual Reproduction
• CRT Practice/Science Fact/Agenda
• Build It or Break It Lab
• Review Activity
Wednesday 2-4-15
• Planet Earth Day: Watch Movie and write
Thursday 2-5-15
• CRT Practice #9:
• Science Fact #9:
• A change in genetic material
that has the potential to
produce variation within a
species is a
The largest man-made
lake in the U.S. is Lake
Mead, created by Hoover
• A. mutation.
• B. translation.
• C. transcription.
• D. replication.
Homework: Roller
Coaster Lab/Notes on
Laws of Physics
• A. mutation.
Agenda Periods 2-5
• CRT Practice/Science Fact/Agenda
• P. 41 2-column key terms Chapter 1 in the book. Students
will define key terms in sect. 1-4 (19 words) 20min
• p.42-43 Chapter 1 Assessment Test. Students will take
the test in their composition notebooks. They cannot
talk to anyone, but they may use their books to read
through and get answers at resources. They will answer
questions 1-26 in complete sentences in their
composition notebooks.
• Review Answers
• CRT Practice/Science Fact/Agenda
• Mythbusters Video
• Mythbusters Quick Write and Review
Friday 2-6-15
• CRT Practice #10:
• Science Fact #10:
• In order for a mutation to be
passed from one generation to
the next, the mutation must be
present in which of these cells?
• A. Skin
• B. Egg
• C. Blood
• D. Heart
The human eye blinks an
average of 4,200,000
times a year.
Homework: Flip Book
Quiz Monday/Notes on
Laws of Physics (Flip Book
due Monday)
• B. Egg
• CRT Practice/Science Fact/Agenda
• Check Agendas
• Build or Break it Lab Review (TURN IN)
• Newton’s Laws worksheet/Practice Test.