Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis review


Cell Respiration and

Photosynthesis review

Unit 5

• What is ATP used for in the cell?

• Explain how we go from ADP to ATP?

• Where is the energy in ATP actually found?

• What is the ultimate energy source for all living things

• Where does the light dependent reaction take place

• Where does the light independent reaction take place

• Why are plants green

• What 3 things does the light dependent reaction make?

• What is broken down in Photosynthesis to produce oxygen

• What are two limiting factors for


What gas will enter the leaf through the stroma

What reactant will be coming up from the roots

• How are gases exchanged in a plant?

• Converting food to glucose and then to ATP is the process of?

• What type of fermentation takes place in muscles?

• What product of Alcoholic Fermentation allows for bread to rise?

• In what organelle does cell respiration take place?

• Where in the cell does Glycolysis take place?

• What are the two electron carriers produced in Krebs cycle

• Organisms that can only undergo Cell

Respiration are called?

• Autotrophs

• Heterotrophs

• Eukaryotic

• Photosynthetic

• What is the major energy producing stage of cell respiration

• What type of process requires oxygen

• What is the equation for cell respiraiton

• What is the purpose of cell respiration

• What product of Glycolysis will enter into

Krebs Cycle

• What is the final electron acceptor

• Why do we need photosynthesis and cell respiration to occur?