World War I: Textbook Scavenger Hunt

World War I: Textbook Scavenger Hunt
Using your textbook, pages 454-471, complete the following questions. The information you will find will be
included on your quarter exam!
1. Based on the map on page 455, label the two alliance systems and circle the region known as the Balkans:
a. Why would a Franco-Russian
alliance worry Germany?
b. Which side had the biggest
military advantage?
2. How did Germany feel about the other great powers? How did they feel about Germany?
3. How did nationalism contribute to the increased tensions in Europe in the early years of the 20th century?
4. Who was Gavrilo Princip?
5. What was the significance of the “blank check” issued by Germany to Austria?
6. What is meant by the term “mobilization” and why did its beginning make war unavoidable?
7. Explain the Schlieffen Plan and why it failed.
8. Why was everyone so excited to fight?
9. How did the war on the Western Front differ from the war on the
Eastern Front?
10. What is a war of attrition? Why is WWI considered to be such a war? Cite 2-3 specific examples.
11. How did the use of airplanes change during the war?
12. How did WWI affect the Ottoman Empire?
13. Read the excerpt from All Quiet on the Western Front. Why do you think Paul speaks to his dead enemy?
14. In what ways can WWI be considered a total war? List 1 or 2 reasons under each category:
a. Increased government powers
b. Manipulation of public opinion
c. Role of women
15. What does “unrestricted submarine warfare” mean? How did it influence the US’s decision to enter the war?
16. Why did the Germans view the Lusitania as a threat?
17. Do you think a propaganda poster like this one would have been effective?
Why or why not?
18. Why did morale start to collapse in 1917?
19. What are three factors that caused the US to join the war? Why was that a turning point?
20. How did the war end?