Master the Passé-Composé with Avoir

Links practiced in class during Spring
break/ Snow make-up days.
If absent on these days, please make up this practice individually at home on your own time. Note:
links may take a little time to download. Be patient! Right click and click on “open Hyperlink”
Master the Passé-Composé with Avoir:
1) Is this the present or the passé composé? Click on the green arrow to
listen to the verb, reflect and practice on this link- you must decide if you
hear the present or the past.
2) Pick the correct subject for the verbs in the passé-compose on this link:
3) Connect the verbs and the subjects
4) Find the correct completion in the passé-compose. Make sure you
understand the sentences.
5) Similar practice. Are you getting better? Look up the meaning of the verbs
you do not know (online dictionary)
6) Listen to the verb, then conjugate the verb “aimer” in the passé compose
in the squares provided. Check your responses:
7) Practice turning the verbs in the past. Click on “define” if you do not know
the meaning of the verb.
After your practice with the links above to master the passé-compose, you
need to turn in the following worksheets for a homework grade:
8) Complete this text in the passé-compose. When done, print the worksheet
and turn it in for a homework grade:
please note that reflexive verbs: se coucher etc…+ monter make their passécompose with ETRE instead of avoir.
9) Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in the passécompose. Make sure that you have BOTH parts: Auxiliary (= helping verb
AVOIR- properly conjugated) then the past participle of the verb between
brackets. Turn in for home work grade. ( there are 2 paragraphs- 2 links)
Additional practice. You do not need to turn this one in though.
Important additional practice! This one is really a great exercise
too! Make sure you complete it! It is great test practice- your test will be
very similar!
Avoir and Etre au passé compose (practice these 2 irregular past
Complete! You get the idea now, right? How are you doing with
your passé-compose?
OK! Let’s play now! Have fun checking what you know with this
rags to riches game! Hope you become a millionaire! 