agenda 6th grade week 3 Feb 4

Mrs. Ziering’s 6th Grade Health Agenda
Quarter 3 Week 3
February 4 – February 8
Bring coloring materials to class.
Today your assignment is to complete the Skeletal
and Muscular Systems Study Guide Crossword Puzzle
and Word Find in that order. We will review these
answers in class. I will read tomorrow’s test to you
and I will accept responses from the class. Nothing
may be written at this time.
Objective is to review and prepare for tomorrow’s
test. Study and get a good night’s sleep.
Skeletal and Muscular Systems Test today. Read
your test carefully. Answer all questions. Put the test
in my tray. Pick up the Nervous System packet.
Quietly do an anchor activity or read while your
classmates finish their test. Read Da Brain and Brain
at work and answer review questions. You will have
an opportunity to examine brain models.
We’ll review today. Diagram, read text and
question Beautiful Brain.
Objective is to introduce the main part so the brain
that we are going to study and their functions.
Read Brain and Its Functions and Brain Plasticity and
Hemispherectomy. Answer questions.
Objective is to clarify that certain places in the brain
rule some activities but that that brain also changes
and develops throughout a person’s life.
Read Spine and answer questions. Lots of activity
today. We’ll look at spine models and manipulate
Objective is to understand that the spine allows for a
variety of movement and that it protects the spinal
Wednesday, February 14 Nervous System Test
Friday, February 15 Early Release Day
Monday, February 18 No School President’s Day