Agenda 6th grade Week 4 Feb11-Feb 15 (Recovered) [1/7/2013]

Mrs. Ziering’s 6th Grade Health Agenda
Quarter 3 Week 4
February 11 – February 15
Think before you act.
Label and color diagram Neurons. Read test and
answer questions. Class discussion about Neurons @
We’ll review Alex in Brainland and do Nervous System
Magic Square.
Today you will complete the Nervous System Study
Guide Crossword Puzzle and the Word Find in that
order. They are study guides. Use them tonight! We
will review go over these answers in class. I will read
tomorrow’s test to you and I will accept responses
from the class. Nothing may be written at this time.
Objective is to review and prepare for tomorrow’s
test. Study and get a god night’s sleep.
Nervous System Test today. Read your test carefully.
Answer all questions. Put the test in my tray. Pick up
the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems packet.
Quietly do an anchor activity or read while your
classmates finish their test. After the test you will read
Circulatory System and answer questions. Objective
is to introduce the circulatory system.
Early Release Day
Monday, February18 No School President’s Day
Friday, March 1 Circulatory System Test
Friday, March 1 Early Release Day