The Circulatory System Vocabulary

The Circulatory System Vocabulary
1. ______________The group of body parts that carries the blood
throughout the body to keep the body working well.
2. The four main jobs of the circulatory system are:
3. The circulatory system is made up of the ________, your
______________, and your _________.
4. The _________ is the main organ in the circulatory system and
pumps blood throughout your body.
5. _______________Tubes that carry blood throughout your body.
6. _______________Carry blood away from the heart.
7. _______________Blood vessels that carry blood to the heart.
8. _______________Tiny tubes that carry blood from the arteries to
the body’s cells and from those cells to the veins.
9. _______________The force on the inside walls of the blood vessels.
10. _______________A disease of both the bones and the blood; occurs
when a person has too many white blood cells.
11. _______________A disease in which the blood clots little or not at
all possibly causing a person to bleed to death when injured; only males
can have this disease.
12. _______________Hardening of the arteries.