NAME: Circulatory System Movie Notes What is the job of the

Circulatory System Movie Notes
1. What is the job of the circulatory system?
2. What type of muscle surrounds the heart?
3. About how many beats per minute does the heart complete at rest?
4. What regulates the heart beat?
5. How many pumps are in the heart?
6. What color is deoxygenated blood?
7. What prevents the backflow of blood?
8. What is the largest artery in the body?
9. The left ventricle works __________ times harder than the right ventricle. Why is this so?
10. How many types of blood vessels are there?
11. What are most living cells next to in the circulatory system?
12. Which blood vessels carry oxygenated blood?
13. From smallest to largest order capillaries, arteries, and veins.
14. What is one way that that blood is moved against gravity?