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Target Setting
You have already thought
about and know what
grades you are aiming
for in your exams…
However, thinking about all
of the studying, for all
of your subjects at the
one time can seem like
Reaching the exams
feeling confident and
ready for success can
feel like it will NEVER
• Everyone wants to be successful, but to say
‘I want to pass all of my exams’ is too vague
and doesn’t focus on HOW you will actually
pass your exams.
• Setting targets allows you to break up the
huge task of passing your exams into
manageable, achievable chunks.
• Being successful with smaller targets along
the way helps keep you motivated and
focused on your overall task: passing your
What are the benefits of target
• Goal setting is a hugely powerful technique
that can bring you strong rewards and get
your motivation levels up.
• At its simplest level the process of setting
goals and targets allows you to choose where
you want to go in life.
• By knowing what you want to achieve, you
know what you need to concentrate on and
improve and what's a distraction.
What targets to set?
• Think of the Subjects you are studying this
year. You may be naturally good at some of
them but need to work harder in others.
• This exercise will help you to focus on those
areas which you find difficult, without
neglecting the Subjects which you are good
• The targets you set will help you to focus on
at least one area in each of your 5 Subjects.
• For targets to be most successful,
they have to be SMART:
• Specific
• Measurable
• Achievable
• Relevant
• Time-related
Instead of
Try Saying…
• I’ll study more for English
• I will learn my poetry
• I’ll get better at Maths
exam questions
• I’ll try 2 questions each night
from a Maths past paper and
correct my working
• I’ll study for 6 hours each
night and 10 hours at
• I’ll make a study timetable
for all of my subjects and
include 10 minute breaks
every hour
• I’ll start studying topics
from the Higher
• I’ll get my History notes
sorted before the exam
• I’ll become more confident at
tackling problems from the
Int 2 course
• I will spend 20 minutes per
night re-writing my history
My Weekly Targets are…
I will make a revision timetable and stick to
it! (We will do this together on Monday)
I will attend Supported Study to get help
with Quadratics
I will study my 16 verbs of motion for
French for 15 minutes every night this week
I will improve my close reading skills by
completing a Close Reading Past Paper at the
weekend under exam conditions
I will get 8 hours sleep every night so my
brain is rested!
What next…?
• Decide what weekly targets you need to meet if you
are going to stay on track for these grades
• Write these targets on a piece of paper and put it
somewhere you will see it every day
• If family know your targets, they can be more
supportive and help motivate you to stay focused
• Review targets regularly
– Have you met them?
– What went well? What didn’t go well?
– Next steps?
• Remember you can change and adapt your targets as