FHSS WL NL 2010/12 - Using Writing in the Final Exam

Using Writing in the Final Exam
Do you wonder what to test students on if you have spent the semester helping them write a
major paper?
Do you want students to be able to address multiple audiences?
Here are some suggestions to help students continue to improve their writing skills. These can
represent part or all of a final exam:
Prepare an executive summary of the paper
Write a letter to a friend summarizing the main points of the paper
Create an 8-slide PowerPoint Presentation of the main points of the paper
Write the abstract for a professional conference where the paper could be presented
Create an appropriate graphic for the paper
Short essays can also be used in a final exam to assess students’ knowledge and critical
thinking skills. Students can be asked to compare, synthesize, analyze, or create in response to
any disciplinary content.
Since final exams are not typically returned to students, grading time is greatly reduced. There
is no value in making extensive comments on final exams, but the students still have the
opportunity of stretching their writing skills.
FHSS Writing Lab
1051 JFSB
Faculty Supervisor: Joyce Adams (422-8168)
Student Lab Manager: Brian Bean (422-4454)