Is Exam Studying a Problem For You

Is Exam Studying a Problem For You?
Take the quiz below to find out if you have some problems with exam studying
that this workshop will be able to help you with!
Answer Yes or No to each of the following questions….
_____ 1. Do you often find yourself short on time when studying for an exam?
_____ 2. Do you often find that you don’t know how to study the material that will
be covered on an exam?
_____ 3. Do you recognize that there must be ways to go about preparing more
effectively for your exams, but don’t know what they are?
_____ 4. Do you design study schedules and then fail to follow through on them
most of the time?
_____ 5. Do you often realize while you are studying that there is much that you
don’t understand, but only after it’s too late to ask for clarification?
_____ 6. Do you find yourself wondering what other students must be doing to
be so successful on their exams?
_____ 7. Are you so used to your marks dropping from final exams that you just
don’t even bother trying to prepare anymore?
_____ 8. Do you often find yourself cramming the night before an exam, or
pulling an all-nighter?
_____ 9. Do you find yourself to be very stressed in the weeks leading up to and
throughout the exam period?
_____ 10. Do you often feel confident heading into an exam, but once there,
forget material or realize you haven’t prepared adequately?
If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, you
have room for improvement in your exam study
strategies. Keep reading to find out how you can
address these problems right away!