A Poison Tree - TJ

“A Poison Tree”
To analyze how an author achieves
specific effects of tone and theme by
writing an analytical paragraph depicting
the poet’s use of diction and tone to
convey a theme
What do you notice in this image? What is happening?
What could be a possible story of? What is it an allusion
to? What could it be a symbolic representation of?
First Reading
• Follow along as I read aloud
• Using context clues from the poem write a
synonym next to the following words in the
poem. Then underline the words or phrases
that helped you understand the meaning.
• Wrath
• Wiles
• Foe
• Deceitful
• Veiled
Second Reading
• Annotating:
– What does the title represent?
– What figurative language is present?
• Symbolic, metaphor, simile, imagery
– What is the tone at the beginning? What is the
tone at the end? Where does it shift?
– What is the theme?
• Write a thematic statement
Quiz and Writing Prompt
Answer the Multiple Choice questions
Write a well-developed response to the writing
prompt with line citations
Example: (lBlake 1)
Avoid citing more than ONE line at a time
Review Answers
• Go over correct answers
• Go over scoring guide for written response