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Chapter 9 – The Industrial Revolution, 1700 – 1900 – Section One – The Beginnings of Industrialization
p. 283-288
Industrial Revolution Begins in Britain
1. What were some of the effects of the use of enclosures on farming?
2. How did crop rotation change farming?
3. Who was Jethro Tull and what did he invent?
4. How did the population growth spur the Industrial revolution?
5. How might Britain’s advantages and early industrialization have affected its prosperity in the 19th century?
Inventions Spur Industrialization
6. What were the major inventions, and by whom, in the textile industry?
7. Identify each and their invention or improvement
a. James Hargreaves:
b. Richard Arkwright:
c. Samuel Crompton:
d. Edmund Cartwright:
8. What American invention aided the British textile industry?
Improvements in Transportation
9. What did the following people invent or improve on to improve transportation?
a. James Watt:
b. Robert Fulton:
c. John McAdams:
10. What is an entrepreneur?
11. How did improvements in transportation promote industrialization in Britain?
The Railway Age Begins
12. Who is Richard Trevithick?
13. How did George Stephenson change transportation in England?
14. What became the 1st railroad line in England?
15. What were the four major effects the perfection of the locomotive?
How did each of the following factors listed below contribute to the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain?
16. Agricultural Revolution:
17. Abundant natural resources:
18. Political stability:
19. Factors of production:
20. Technological advances in the textile industries:
21. Entrepreneurs:
22. Building of factories:
23. Railroad boom:
24. Industrial Revolution:
25. Enclosure:
26. Crop rotation:
27. Industrialization:
28. Factors of production:
29. Entrepreneur:
History in Depth (p. 286)
30. What effect did Cyrus McCormick’s reaper have on wheat production in the United States?
31. What did Samuel F. B. Morse become the first to do in 1837?
32. How did I. M. Singer improve the sewing machine?
33. What invention revolutionized communication?