Chapter 9 Q-ID

Chapter 9: Economic Transformation
Identifications and Guiding Questions
1. How did industrialization affect the economy? That is, in what industry did
industrialization begin, how did it spread, and what changes did it bring to other
industries as it spread?
2. The South could have taken a different course and chosen to become involved in
the Industrial Revolution in the 1820s and 1830s. Why didn’t it?
3. What were the possible solutions to the high cost of labor for American
4. How did the Industrial Revolution alter the relationship among the social classes?
Consider positive as well as negative consequences
5. How and why did a transportation revolution occur before 1860?
6. Why did Americans migrate westward and move to cities during the first half of
19th century?
7. How did the economic revolutions of this period affect different sections of the
country differently?
Outwork system vs. Factory system
Division of labor
Waltham plan
Eli Whitney – cotton gin
Industrial Revolution
Artisan republican ethic
Labor theory of value
Market Revolution
Erie Canal
Robert Fulton: Clermont
social classes
self-made man
Benevolent Empire
Charles Grandison Finney
Temperance movement
Irish and German immigration
Cyrus McCormick