Mini Quiz with Answers

1. In Western Europe, which development was the
cause of the other three?
A. the increase in the size and number of
B. fewer people living and working on
C. the Industrial Revolution
D. the existence of severe air and water
5. The Agricultural Revolution began in Britain
which of the following improvements required
global interaction to increase the amount of
food grown?
A. The invention of the seed drill.
B. The enclosure movement.
C. Planting potatoes and corn.
D. Crop rotation
2. In Europe, which group benefited most from
the industrialization of the 19th century?
A. rural farmers
B. middle class
C. factory workers
D. clergy
The invention of spinning and weaving
machinery increased the number of workers in
the textile industry in Europe because
A. the early textile machines could not
produce goods as efficiently as hand
B. laws prohibited women and children
from working with machinery
C. the demand for goods increased as
goods became cheaper to produce
D. the unions required that more workers
be hired to maintain the machines
4. An important social aspect of the early part of
the Industrial Revolution in England was the
A. urbanization of factory workers
B. elimination of the class system
C. development of government-funded
housing and medical care programs
D. acceptance of dissenting religious
How will the Agricultural Revolution increase
the life span (how long someone lives) across
the world?
A. Britain will sell more food around the
B. Modern farming techniques will spread
allowing many countries to provide
more and better food.
C. Factories will provide new medicines
that will allow sick people to live longer.
D. Governments will be forced to use
regulations that keep people healthy,
and provide the food everyone needs.
7. Most capitalists criticize the economic system in
communist countries because it
A. overemphasizes the production of
consumer goods
B. requires too much dependence on
foreign imports
C. pays wages that are too high for the
quality of workmanship
D. provides little incentive to improve
methods of production
Most communist criticize the economic system
in capitalist countries because it
A. Concentrates wealth and power in the
hands of a few.
B. Requires trade with countries.
C. There are few risk takers in such a
system so few new ideas turn into
D. The government is too involved in the
distribution of wealth.
9. The most basic difference between socialism
and capitalism concerns the issue of
A. the introduction of modern technology
B. private versus public ownership of
C. dealing with inflation
D. support for public education
10. In which of the following economies will choice
of job be the most limited?
A. Market
B. Mixed
C. Command
D. Traditional