Topics for Extemp Speeches Basic Provisions Ag is a broad field of


Topics for Extemp Speeches

                           Basic Provisions Ag is a broad field of study Specific regions yield specific products What can the National FFA organization do for you? What does CDE stand for and what are they? What are some career opportunities for all levels of education in Ag? Employability skills, work ethic, timeliness, communication SAE programs – what is yours? What are some forms of communication and how are they used? How can you use voice, expression, and presence to effectively communicate? What are the 3 different types of speeches and when are they appropriate? Discuss Parliamentary Procedure What are tools used to communicate effectively? What’s gonna work…TEAMWORK! Lab equipment uses Understanding and following procedures Why is emergency equipment necessary? What is the scientific method and how do we use it? The level of pH The pH scale How does pH affect the health and well-being of organisms How are soils formed? (what is in them, what are they) How are different colors of soil created? What is parent material and how does it affect the different colors of soil layers? How do sand, silt, and clay differ? What is a soil profile and what is important to know about soil layers? Discuss soil erosion and why it is important to understand?