Instructor: Mr. Cole Cooper Class Time: Block Schedule Location

Instructor: Mr. Cole Cooper
Class Time: Block Schedule Location: Cordova High School
Hours: 4 hours, 53 minutes weekly
Office Hours: Daily – Room G-10
Office: (916) 294-2450 x 810343
I. Require Course Textbooks:
The American Pageant By: David M Kennedy Publisher Houghton Mifflin Co. 2006
Printed handouts made by the teacher
II. Course Expectations:
Complete reading assignments prior to the date on which they are listed in the syllabus.
Students who need to arrive late or leave early should inform the teacher before class.
Students should refrain from talking in class during lectures, videos, or presentations.
Late papers and exam make-ups allowed only with valid reason.
Absences will result in a lower course grade.
You will organize and keep a 200 page Notebook.
Corrected reading guides will be kept in order in a separate folder and used as a study
School rules and policies will be observed at all times
RETRO: Respect Effort Tolerance Refocusing On time
III. Course Requirements:
Students are expected to read all the assignments before class. The class will discuss the
reading assignments.
1. Exams: There will be four exams including a midterm, and a comprehensive final exam
for each semester of this class. The format for the four exams will be multiple choice
and/or essay. All exam questions may come from the textbook, or the classroom
2. Chapter Quizzes: There will be a reading assignment daily followed by a quiz on the
chapter after it has been finished. The quizzes will be consisting of multiple-choice
questions. Many of these questions will be on the final and midterm exams.
3. Papers & Project: There will be two typed paper assignments along with the two book
report assignments. Each must be a minimum of 5 pages and 8 pages in length. A
minimum of one month of notice will be given for each paper due date. You must follow
the university’s MLA style for all written work. There will be other projects to be
announced later.
4. Class Participation and Attendance: You are expected to participate in the daily
lectures and ask relative questions and/or answering the questions posed during the
lesson. Lateness to class is not accepted at all, you are to be in your seat at the bell. For
each late arrival you will receive 10 points off your participation grade. “Late bell late
assignment” If there is anything due the day you are tardy you may receive 50% credit
maximum for a week, after which you will receive a zero on that assignment, no matter
what it is. Unexcused absence will also cost 10 participation points for you in the class; I
must have a note from your family, not just the office telling me.
5. Academic Honesty: Plagiarism of any sort will result in a zero F grade on the
assignment in question and the loss of a letter grade in the class. Cheating on a quiz, test,
or exam will result in a drop F grade for the class (zero tolerance).
6. Grading Points
A- 90 – 93
A 94 – 96
B- 80 – 83
B 84 – 87
C- 70 – 73
C 74 – 77
D- 60 – 63
D 64 – 67
F 59 - 0
A+ 97 - 100
B+ 88 – 89
C+ 78 – 79
D+ 68 – 69
IV. Course Description:
This course studies a full range of American History and follows California State and
Advanced Placement College Board standards. This course exposes students to college level
rigor and gives them the opportunity to prove mastery by taking and passing the AP College
Board of History Exam. Emphasis in the course is on reading comprehension, note-taking,
essays, and analyzing documents. There is a required summer assignment. Students must
maintain a grade of “C” to remain in the class.
V. Film Release:
If class time allows we will be watching the whole or clips from John Adams, The Alamo, Glory,
The Last Samurai, Cinderella Man, Saving Private Ryan, and Forest Gump. By signing this
Syllabus, you are giving your student permission to observe these clips or movies, however,
there are alternate assignments for each that students may complete during the time the rest of
the classes movie time.
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