Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Nationals in Applied Science

Edexcel Level 3 BTEC
Nationals in Applied Science
Dr. Kevin Hylands
Aim: To raise awareness of
this alternative to the AS/A2
What is a BTEC National?
A vocational qualification, equivalent to an
A-level or Level 3 NVQ.
 It is criterion assessed.
 Students build up a portfolio of work based
upon one or more assignments per unit.
Why choose a BTEC
National in Applied Science?
Aimed at students who probably would not
choose traditional A-levels.
 Students gain training and experience for a
 No exams – assessment is 100 %
coursework which suits some students.
 Most study is based upon practical work –
motivational for many students.
What is a BTEC National
equivalent to?
National Award
(360 guided learning
 National Certificate
(720 guided learning
 National Diploma
(1080 guided learning
One A-level
Two A-levels
Three A-levels
Also the BTEC National in
Applied Science is flexible:
Options include:
 Applied Biology
 Applied Chemistry
 Applied Physics
 Environmental Science
 Medical Science
 Forensic Science
 Laboratory and Industrial Science
Why is the BTEC flexible?
Completion of course based around choice of
compulsory core units and optional specialist units
which vary depending upon the final qualification
 Many units common to different final
qualifications – different emphases of portfolio
work in the same unit allow progression to
different outcomes.
 The teacher is also seen as a tutor and a facilitator.
Skills Developed
Independent learning.
Problem solving skills.
Work-related learning.
Enterprise skills.
Communication / literacy \ numeracy.
Risk assessment.
Unit 1: Fundamentals of Science
Unit Abstract
 Learning Outcomes
 Unit Content
 Grading Grid
 Delivery