Sicko questions

Pre-Reading Questions
1. Have you ever heard of this movie’s writer and director, Michael Moore, before?
If so, do you like, hate, or have no opinion of him?
Film Questions – K/U /10
1. When Dr. Linda Peeno started as a medical reviewer for Humana, she was told she must keep a _____% denial rate.
2. Tracy Pierce of Kansas City, Missouri, died because his health insurance company would not cover a potentially lifesaving __________________ transplant (calling it “experimental”), even though his younger brother was a perfect
donor match.
3. During the meeting President Nixon had with Ehrlichman regarding HMOs, he told the President: “Edgae Kaiser is
running his Permanente deal for ____________________”
4. In a World Health Organization ranking of the world’s health systems, the U.S. slipped to number _____, just above
5. Once Billy Tauzin got the drug companies’ bill passed that would supposedly help senior citizens, he left congress to
become the CEO of ________________, the industry’s drug lobby, for a salary of _____________ dollars a year.
6. Every prescription in Great Britain is filled at a cost of _________ pounds to the patient except for patients under 16
or over 60, who get the medication for ___________________.
7. In France, both full-time and part-time workers get _____________ sick days a year.
8. Detainees at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba have access to acute health care ______________ hours a day.
9. 9/11 rescue worker Reggie Cervantes’ medicine in the U.S. costs $120, but in Cuba it only costs 3.20 pesos, which is
around _________ cents.
10. The United States is the only country in the western world without _______________ universal healthcare.
Written Analysis
Respond to the following question in a series of paragraphs, refer to the scoring sheet on how you will be assessed.
In your opinion, now that you have seen how universal healthcare works in Canada, Great Britain, France and Cuba
would you be willing to pay, if necessary, higher taxes in order to continue to maintain and expand a governmentsponsored healthcare plan in Canada (whereby you would never receive a bill for or have to pay for a doctor’s visit,
hospital stay, surgery, or prescription)? Why or why not?
T/I – Critical thinking used to analyze impact of government-sponsored healthcare.
C – Writing mechanics, grammar, sentence structure, depth of response.
A – Applies information from the film to a different context.