Manifest Destiny Study Guide Chapter 12 Test

Manifest Destiny Study Guide
Chapter 12 Test
Do you know?
What is Manifest Destiny?
Who claimed Oregon - before 1818?
- between 1818 and 1846?
- after 1846?
What resources did Oregon have to offer?
Who was the empresario that led some of the first Americans into Texas?
What did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo state?
What was the last battle of the Texas Revolution?
Why did the United States reject the idea of annexing Texas?
Which present-day states were included in the Mexican Cession?
How many Mexicans did the Texans fight at the Alamo?
What was the nickname of the new nation of Texas called?
Whose campaign slogan was “Fifty-four forty or fight”?
What border does the 49th parallel form?
Levi Strauss made and sold what?
Who was the 11th President of the United States during the war with Mexico?
According to your notes, how long did it take to get to Oregon following the Oregon Trail?
List 2 of the requirements Mexico made of American citizens settling in Texas.
What battle took place in San Antonio on March 6, 1836?
Who was the first president of the “Lone Star Republic?”
Which state fought for independence in the “Bear Flag Revolt?”
From which cities did the settlers traveling along the Oregon Trail meet and leave.
What did Mexico want the border to be between Texas and Mexico?
Which river did Texas choose as its southern boundary upon entrance to the union?
What 5 present-day states were carved out of the Oregon Territory?
On whose land was gold first discovered in California near Sacramento?
Who discovered the gold?
What were some of the results of the California gold rush?
Who were some of the most famous defenders of the Alamo?
Why did Americans want to go West (list 2)?
What time of the year was it best to head West?
Who were?
Stephen F. Austin
The Donner party
Sam Houston
John Sutter
Where are. . .?
Columbia River
Gadsden Purchase
Nueces River
Oregon Territory
Oregon Trail
Rio Grande
Rocky Mountains
St. Louis
Salt Lake City
Sacramento, CA
Sante Fe Trail
John Jacob Astor
Narcissa Whitman
Santa Anna
James Marshall