Westward Movement Map Project

Manifest Destiny Map Project
Western Exploration and Expansion
1. Read the Historian’s Toolkit (Pages HT 8-HT15)
2. Use the Atlas, A2-7, and the Map Master Index Xvii
3. Use the maps from the classroom website:
4. Create and label(make keys) a series of maps that depict the following events,
trails and growth of the United States during the years 1803-1850.
5. Don’t forget to include Mexico and Canada.
ACQUISITION- and the dates they were acquired
 Louisiana Purchase (190,194-195)
 Florida(332)
 Oregon Territory (332)
 Texas (330)
 Growth of the United States: Mexican-American War: The acquisition of
California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado (334-335)
 Alaska and Hawaii
EXPLORATION and MIGRATION-Label all trails and provide key
Lewis and Clark Expedition (190,194)
Zebulon Pike (190)
Trails to the West: Santa Fe Trail, Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, California
Trail, Overland Mail, Pony Express (326)
 Gold Rush-where it took place
 Salt Lake City
 Alamo
Railroads: 1820-1850
 Land Taken from the Native Americans: 1750-1810 (199)
 Removal of the Native Americans: 1820-1840 (230)
 Trail of Tears (232-233)
GEOGRAPHYRivers: Mississippi, Ohio, Rio Grande, Missouri, Potomac, Colorado, Hudson, Snake,
Tennessee, Columbia, Platte, Susquehanna, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Delaware,
Connecticut, St. Lawrence, Arkansas
Mountain Ranges: Appalachian, Rocky, Sierra Nevada, Blue, Cascades, Great Basin,
Black Hills, Adirondack,
Water: 5 Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Chesapeake Bay,
Great Salt Lake, Lake Tahoe
Cities: Council Bluffs, Independence, St. Louis, DC, NY City, Atlanta, Charleston,
Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Montgomery, Cincinnatti, New Orleans, etc.