Holiday Assignments for class VI

Summer Vacation Assignment-2013 (Class-VI)
1. During summer vacations children stick to the television most of the time. Write an e-mail
in 120 words to the director suggesting new programmes you would like to have for
children. You are Surendra Mohan, 41 Brij Vihar Colony. Dwarka, New Delhi.
2. Look at the notes given below then use the information to write a biographical sketch of
Karnam, Malleshwari in about 100 words.
Only Indian Woman Medalist at Olympic Games ----- Time Magazine ------- honours her as
South Asian of the year ----Bags Bronze ----- in the category 69 kg weight lifting of women
------ Sydney Olympics 2000 -----received the highest no. of votes ------ the magazine’s
website conducted this poll.
3. Today your father presented you a battery operated scooty. It needs no license to drive. It
is without gear. Its operation is very simple. It is eco friendly. You like it very much.
Describe it in about 100 words.
4. Write a letter to your friend congratulating him in his success in the National Mathematics
Olympiad. Your letter should not exceed 120 words.
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nl tkuojksa ds uke fy[ksaA 3- laLd`r esa nl Qyksa ds uke fy[ksaA 4laLd`r esa nl lfCt;ksa ds uke fy[ksaA
Instruction: Do all the assignments in scrap book.
1. List the traditional food items of following region:
a. Punjab
b. Gujarat
c. Kerala
d. Assam
e. Chhattisgarh
2. Name any five food items of the following countries:
a. Thailand
b. Italy
c. China
d. France
e. Japan
3. Collect seeds of any five medicinal plants. Stick them in your scrap book. Also write
their medicinal uses.
4. Write three sources of following nutrients in food items:
a. Vitamin A
b. Vitamin C c. Vitamin D d. Protein
e. Roughages
5. Stick pictures of any five plants and animals living in aquatic habitat and write their
adaptive features for aquatic habitat.
6. Stick the pieces of different fabrics like cotton, jute, woollen and silk in your scrap
book. Name the states in which they are cultivated.
1. Collect information and make an Album based on Buddha’s life and Mahavira.
2. Make a poster on Global warming to show the impact of pollution on the environment.
Computer 1.Practice and prepare for Computer Operation Competition. 2. Practice the keystrokes of Keyboard
to know the positions of keys using both the hands. (without seeing the keyboard) 3. Prepare an A4
size informative chart paper on any IT related information/topic. The topic chosen should not be
very common.
1.Write an article of about France (geographical and political conditions) in about 150 words. 2.
Write the various types of accents used in French and give examples. 3. Write three sentences,
which you will use, when you will meet your teacher in the morning.