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Studdard 1
Ada Studdard
Mrs. Harrell
English 4
October 21, 2014
Research Question: Should we aid Africa or should they help themselves first?
Working Thesis Statement: Africa should aid themselves first before the United States get
involved due to the amount of debt we are in and also considering they use it to strengthen the
communities within itself.
Refined Thesis Statement: The United States should first help our country due to the amount of
poverty and debt we are in instead of aiding other geographical regions.
Annotated Bibliography
Wilding, Amanda, and Rosalyn Carson-Dewitt. "Public Health Assistance To Sub-Saharan
Africa: An Overview." Points Of View: Public Health Assistance To Sub-Saharan Africa
(2014): 1. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 2 Oct. 2014.
Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most poverty stricken regions south of the Sahara
Desert. The majority of the population is suffering with HIV/AIDS which claims more than half
of their population. The United States has done its best to help aid Africa by providing economic
support in hopes of saving innocent lives. The deadly diseases being spread such as HIV/AIDS
has caused social problems within their community. Many of the adults have put their children
into foster care because they cannot afford the expenses. Amanda Wilding’s article will help
Studdard 1
prove my position that the United States should stop aiding other places around the world and
focus on our own issues.
Dupea, Robert, and Rosalyn Carson-Dewitt. "Counterpoint: Sub-Saharan Africa Must First Help
Itself." Points Of View: Public Health Assistance To Sub-Saharan Africa (2014): 3.
Points of View Reference Center. Web. 2 Oct. 2014.
The United States is aiding Sub- Saharan Africa with billions of dollars. Health statistics
have shown the relief we are sending over is not reaching those in dire need, they are
strengthening their central government. A large majority of the government is military dictators
who tamper with money, commit fraud and use armed aggression to remain in power to keep
distributing money selfishly. Overall, International organizations do not trust them with what
they say they are doing with the money, but if the United States went to war, would one of the
countries allies be Africa? This article will support my claim on how the United States should
help people within our own country before aiding other countries, such as Africa.