Integrating picture book thematic text sets

Integrating Picture Book Thematic Text Sets:
Engaging all readers in literacy development
across the curriculum
Grades K-7
Luz Carime Bersh, Ph. D.
National Louis University
Florida Regional Campus
April, 2011
Workshop description:
This workshop gives teachers grades 8-12 practical information about the use
of picture book thematic text sets to integrate across the curriculum
1. To explore contemporary picture books within
thematic text sets on diverse topics of interest to
2. To make connections on how this literature format
can be integrated across the curriculum and
support reading comprehension for readers at a
variety of reading levels.
3. To appreciate how picture book thematic text sets
can raise interest even in low-level readers and can
offer a valuable literary experience as they learn
about content areas.
4. To apply strategies to engage readers in follow up
writing experiences as a way of improving overall
literacy skills.
Katze Babe
Teaching with Picture Books and
Thematic Text Sets
Picture Books
• Support language & literacy
development: R,W, S,L,V.
• Power of imagery in conveying
meaning: Visual literacy foundation
for reading for meaning.
• Images complement text.
• Learn about topics of interest that
connect with their own experiences
and those of others.
• Support ELL’s with comprehension.
• Broad span of complexity: Accessible
to readers in different developmental
• Children enjoy books with attractive
images and learn to appreciate the
aesthetic value of the illustrations.
Thematic Text sets
Multiple options to read widely
about one topic.
Engage in reading content about
different subjects: E.g. Science, Social
Support comprehension at different
levels of complexity.
Exposure to different literary genres:
Rich literary experiences.
Positive psychosocial benefits:
awareness, respect, therapeutic,
appreciation of self, others and the
world around them.
Multiple sources from which to
respond through multiple learning
experiences (including art, drama,
What are themes of interest to
Children enjoy all kinds of picture books
• They enjoy stories about animals, children,
experiences with which they can identify.
• They enjoy poetry and books that play with
• They enjoy learning about the world around
them and about issues that are pertinent to
their age and maturity level. As children go
through puberty, the topics of interest change
but they still enjoy picture books.
• Key terms and ideas about
picture books.
• Tips for reading aloud.
• Criteria for evaluating
picture books.
• Criteria for evaluating nonfiction picture books.
• Biographical study
• Graphic organizer for
thematic text set.
• Follow-up writing prompts
• Workshop evaluation form