semantics in class 10/7

What is the thematic role of each noun phrase in each of the sentences below? Label
each noun phrase with the initial for the appropriate thematic role above it.
a agent: doer of an action
t theme: entity that undergoes the action
e experiencer: one receiving sensory input (also includes thoughts & feelings)
instrument: the means used to accomplish the action
g goal: endpoint of a change in location or possession
s source: where the action originates
1. A doctor finally diagnosed me based on the MRI.
2. I was finally diagnosed by a doctor.
3. Have you heard? A freak tornado carried Dick Cheney off to Dubuque.
4. The man who came to dinner brought the delicious rutabaga from the market.
5. Spoiled kumquats pelted the bad singer while his audience booed.
6. The teacher thinks we should draw trees in pencil.
7. Can you give this note to your mom?
8. The vase broke although I didn’t drop it.