English IV

Department of Curriculum an Instructio
FBISD English IV
At-a-Glance 2014 – 2015
Course Description:
In English IV, students enrolled in English IV continue to increase and refine their reading, writing,
listening, speaking, viewing and representing communication skills. Students edit their papers for
clarity, engaging language, and the correct use of the conventions and mechanics of written English
and produce final, error-free drafts. Students compile information from primary and secondary
sources and represent this research in a variety of ways. Students read extensively in multiple genres
from British literature and other world literature, including classical and contemporary works. In
English IV, students are expected to write in a variety of forms, including business, personal, literary,
and persuasive texts. Students learn literary forms and terms associated with selections being read
and interpret historical influences on the literary work.
Grading Periods
Unit Name
Grading Period 1
British Literature Study: The Anglo-Saxon Period – Beowulf with
Thematic Links. The Middle Ages - Canterbury Tales with
Thematic Links
Writing Workshop: Expository and Procedural Text - College
Application Essay
British Literature Study: The Middle Ages - Ballads/Romances
with Thematic Links. The Renaissance and Shakespearean
Drama with Thematic Links
Grading Period 2
Grading Period 3
Grading Period 4
Writing Workshop: Expository Text – Interpretive Response OR
Rhetorical Analysis (May be the Research Essay)
British Literature Study: Late
Renaissance/Restoration/Eighteenth Century Literature with
Thematic Links
Writing Workshop: Persuasive Text – Argumentative Essay
(May be the Research Essay)
British Literature Study: Romantic/Victorian/Contemporary
Literature with Thematic Links. Novel Study/Literature Circles
with Thematic Links.\
Writing Workshop: Literary OR Expository Text
Vertical Alignment
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Texas Literature, Grade 12
The Write Source, Grade 12