Waves Exam Review

Waves and Technologies Exam Review
Target 1: I can describe the relationship between frequency, wavelength, and speed of a wave.
1. What do all electromagnetic waves have in common in the same medium (substance, such as air, or a vacuum)?
2. The speed of a wave depends on the elasticity of the medium (essentially the density of the material). The more
elastic the material, the faster the wave. What would happen to the speed of a wave that goes from the air (less
dense) into water (more dense)?
3. What happens to the frequency of light (EM) if the wavelength gets bigger?
4. What happens to the wavelength of light (EM) if the frequency gets lower?
Target 2: I can describe evidence and reasoning that electromagnetic radiation (light) can be described with a wave
model and/or a particle model.
5. Describe a situation where light acts like a particle.
6. Particles of light are called _______________________
7. Photons are produced when electrons fall from an excited (higher up) state to a lower state and produce an
electron. Would you expect an electron falling from a greater energy state to release a higher or lower energy
Target 3
I can evaluate print materials claims that electromagnetic radiation causes damage to living tissues. (Different
frequencies of light have different energies and damage to living tissues depends on the energy of the radiation.)
9. You read an article that says a tool you use puts off high frequency electromagnetism, higher than ultraviolet
radiation. Would you expect the tool to be safe to use, or unsafe to use? Why or why not?
Target 4
I can describe advantages and disadvantages of transmitting and storing information digitally.
You have been put in charge of researching and creating a photo collection for your soccer team’s history over the years.
What would be some reasons to make a digital collection? What would be reasons NOT to create a digital collection?