Judaism - Trimble County Schools

Judaism Notes
 One of the smallest of
the major religions at 14
 Monotheistic
 No true founder, but
could include Abraham
as the father of the faith.
Judaism, continued
 Books (Tanakh - Old
Testament which
includes the Torah – the
first 5 books of the Old
 Synagogues serve as a
meeting place for
worship and education,
led by a rabbi.
Jewish history at a glance…
 Abraham and wife Sarah had no
 G-d spoke to Abraham saying that he
would have descendants to equal the
stars and a land to live in of his own.
 Isaac was born.
Jewish history, continued
 Famine forced the Israelites out of Israel
 They ended up in Egypt where they became
 God chose Moses to plead with the Egyptian
pharaoh to free the Israelites from bondage in
 He refused to let them go and G-d sent a
series of 10 plagues to force him to change his
 The Passover was the result of the last of the
10 plagues.
 The Pharaoh changed his mind and the people
were freed.
Judaism, continued
 Believe in “kosher” products:
 Literally means “fit” in accordance with G-d’s
 Separate meat and milk (never eat @ same time
or prepare with same utensils)
 Shun foods such as pork and shellfish
 Meat must be drained of blood b/c it is the life of
the animal and is too sacred to eat.
 Animal is o.k. to eat if it chews its cud and has
split hooves.
 Animals that eat other animals are not permitted
for consumption.
Jewish history, continued
 The Exodus followed as the Israelites
were led out of Egypt by Moses with
pharaoh’s army in pursuit.
 The Red Sea was parted so that the
Israelites can safely pass through.
Jewish history, continued
 The Ten Commandments
were given to Moses and
the Israelites from G-d.
 40 years after the
Exodus, the tribes of
Israel reached Canaan,
the promised land.
 This land would be taken
over many times by
many peoples, including
the Romans who would
rename it Palestine.
Jewish history, continued
 In 1948, Palestine was divided up and
the modern state of Israel was born.
 The Jewish, Christian, and Islamic
faiths claim that their founders were
born here and each hold rightful claim
to the land.