Ancient Hebrews Study Guide Directions: Complete flashcards

Ancient Hebrews
Study Guide
Directions: Complete flashcards including a picture for each of the 15 names and terms
below. You must include my entire definition listed here and picture to receive a 100%.
1. Abraham: Known as the father of Judaism and monotheism, Abraham made a
covenant (agreement) with God to worship the ONE and only god. In exchange for this
commitment, God would lead Abraham and his descendants’ out of Mesopotamia to
the Promised Land; the land of Canaan.
2. Jacob: The grandson of Abraham, he fathered 12 sons who became the 12 tribes of
3. Joseph: Jacob’s favored son who received a gift of a colorful coat. Joseph’s brother’s
jealousy led them to fake Joseph’s death and sell him into slavery in Egypt. He had
ability to interpret dreams and became an advisor to the pharaoh. Joseph forgave his
brothers and when famine (hunger) and drought plagued Canaan, Joseph moved his
family and other Hebrews into Egypt.
4. Moses: Raised by Ramses the Great’s daughter, Moses led the Jewish people out of
slavery in Egypt. This escape is called the Exodus. It was during the Exodus that Moses
parted the Red Sea. Moses also was given the torah and 10 commandments on Mt.
Sinai, (made a Covenant with God too) although he never did bring the Israelites to the
promised land of Canaan.
5. Ramses the Great: An Egyptian pharaoh who enslaved the Jewish people to help him
build the pyramids. To persuade Ramses to free the Israelites, God sent 10 plagues to
6. Joshua: The successor to Moses, Joshua led the Israelites into the promised land after
wandering the desert for 40 years. He brought the ark of the covenant, which held the 10
commandments, to Jerusalem.
7. Saul: First king of Israel. They felt they needed a king to defeat the Phillistines.
8. David: Considered the greatest King of Israel, David defeated the Phillistines (and the
legendary Goliath) and made Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Wrote Psalms which are in Old
9. Solomon: Solomon built the first Temple of Israel in Jerusalem. The other positive item he
did for the Israelites was providing Proverbs/Wise Sayings. He also enslaved people in the
10. Philistines: tough group of people who lived in Canaan. Goliath was a member.
11. Assyrians: group that attacked Israel and resulted in the scattering of the Israelites into 10
tribes; now called the “lost tribes.”
12. Nebuchadnezzar: built Hanging Gardens; invaded Judah and made 10,000 Hebrews move
out and into Babylon.
13. Exodus: The last plague – all first born children were killed except for those who marked
their doorway with blood- resulted in the pharaoh letting the Israelites leave Egypt. The Jewish
holiday which celebrates this is Passover.
14. Promised Land: the name for Israel.
15. Torah: the Old Testament contains Jewish holy laws and writings known as the Torah.