Nandos Take away Homework

You must complete 6 Hwks per HT
Design and
build a model showing
The history of the Jews.
A song about the story of
Abraham and what it
Means for Jews today
Storyboard about Jewish life
Key term glossary of all
New key terms you have
Learnt this half term (at least 10
Create a wordle)
Create a board game on
Your favourite
topic during this unit.
Create a video/ movie trailer/
Film showing all different
Issues we have studied about
Judaism this half term.
A poem on how Jewish
People were treated during
The holocaust
A piece of Art work
Expressing Jewish views
On G-d
Write a diary entry & agony
Write a 400 word txt message
Aunt reply as a
To a friend about what it means
Teenager who is Jewish and
To be Jewish.
Struggling to fit in
Write three tweets explaining
what You have learnt so far
140 characters max per tweet
Take a photograph representing
Judaism in London
And explain in writing what it