Signature Assignment Planning Template


Signature Assignment Planning Template

1. Title:

[Provide a unique title for this assignment to help you communicate. Click here to type.]

2. Brief Description:

[Briefly describe what you want your students to do and/or to submit. Include the real-world (authentic) situation, type of task to be accomplished, and the sorts of higher-order thinking (analysis, reasoning, critical thinking, etc.) that students will use to complete the task. You don’t need to create step-by-step student instructions yet. Click here to type.]

3. What course learning outcomes will be tested?

[Place applicable course learning outcomes here. Click here to type.]

4. Which college-wide outcomes will you score? (

Check all that apply.) ☐

1. Substantive Content

2. Communication Literacy

3. Quantitative Literacy

4. Critical Thinking

5. Civic Engagement


{List below.}

5. What will be graded?

[Check all that apply. Be sure to consider the CWSLOs you checked in #4] ☐


{Quality of the methods used.} ☐


{Qualities of the artifact (paper, project, etc.) the students submit.} ☐


{Quality of delivery – e.g., singing, dance routine, etc.} ☐

Personal Trait

{Professionalism, Critical Thinker, Good Listener, etc. Caution: These can be relatively difficult to define and measure.} ☐


{Quality of the discipline-based information presented (e.g., appropriateness, accuracy, etc.)}

6. What are the criteria for success?

[List criteria titles for one or more types of criteria listed below.]

Type of Criteria Enter ideas into one or more boxes below. Quality

: {Compelling ideas, good solution, strong evidence, precise steps, etc.}


: {Complexity of analysis, insightfulness, completeness, etc.}


{Proper execution, correct formula, good teamwork, effective approach, etc.}


: {Outcome of the task – e.g. solved the dilemma, the patient lived, reduced manufacturing costs, etc.}


: {Use this type of criteria sparingly.}

7. What resources, research, and/or other materials will the student need to use?

[Briefly list here. Click here to type.]

8 . How will the assignment be represented in the student’s ePortfolio?

[What will the course page look like? What form will the assignment take on the course page? If you have created mock page designs to share with students, paste those URLs here. Click here to type.]

9. What reflection prompts will accompany the signature assignment?

[Include at least one reflection prompt. Giving students a choice of reflection prompts is good practice. Click here to type.] 1