Senior Project/Reflection Paper Guidelines - tech-prep

Senior Project/Reflection Paper Guidelines
Make sure that you write your reflection paper as an essay to the
readers/assessors, and not just a numbered list in response to the prompts
1. Describe your overall project. Summarize what was created and
2. Explain the process you went through, highlighting the sequence of major
steps and activities, along the way.
3. Describe the new skills that you have learned or improved, especially
those you believe are the most helpful now or that will be helpful in the
4. Write about any challenges or obstacles that you met and how successful
you were in overcoming them.
5. Put into your own words how your project has benefited you in terms of
your personal growth.
6. Provide some specific information about how your project has connected
to or benefited a career plan and how you have been involved with your
project beyond your normal school day.
7. Describe any modifications you had to make to your plans as you
proceeded with your project.
8. From all that you have accomplished with your project and your
education, how might you apply what you have done and learned to your
9. How did you utilize research throughout your project? What types of sources
were used?