Chapter 2: The Expansion and Fall of Rome Study Guide

Chapter 2: The Expansion and Fall of Rome
Study Guide
A. Directions: Review and understand the following concepts and facts for the
chapter test. Highlight the information below in your lesson outlines.
Identify the accomplishments/fate of the following people:
a. Tarquin the Proud
b. Augustus
c. Justinian
d. Diocletian
e. Constantine
Know the importance of the following terms/concepts:
a. stoicism
b. schism
c. 476 AD
d. religious icons (think about impact in Christianity)
e. arts and architecture
Describe the developments and expansions of BOTH the Roman and
Byzantine empires. (Think origins and geography.)
Know the causes for the decline and collapse of the Roman Empire.
Identify the important legacies and contributions of the Romans. Think
about the impact over time of the Roman’s developments in government,
culture, and science and technology.
Describe the origin, development, and the impact of Christianity on the
Roman Empire and the events that occurred over time.
Study the map skills in Chapter 2 and the beginning of the textbook.
B. Directions: Pay special attention to the writing prompts below. You should
be prepared to answer all of the questions in DETAIL. Practice writing a
Topic sentence, sentences that support and provide evidence, and a
Concluding sentence for each prompt.
Short Essay Questions:
a. Constantine made several decisions that changed the history of
Rome. Choose which you consider to be the most important.
Explain your view using DETAILS to describe it and its IMPACT on
Rome. Conclude by arguing why the decision is MOST important.
b. Explain TWO of Justinian’s CONTRIBUTIONS to the Byzantine
Empire. Use DETAILS to explain their IMPACT on the Empire.
c. Describe TWO legacies of Rome. Include DETAILS of each legacy
and the IMPACT of each OVER TIME.