World History Essay - Course

Roman Empire 100 CE-600 CE
The Roman Empire from 100-600 CE was one of the greatest empires established.
While it had strong leaders and well developed systems, it still struggled through hard
changes, ultimately brining it to its downfall.
During 300 CE, the Emperor Constantine put the Roman Empire under his rule.
The union, though, did not last long, and on 395 the empire splits into an eastern side and
a western side. While both halves came under invasion by Germanic people, fleeing
from Asia, Byzantine armies were able to defend their territories. The new invaders were
strong organizers, whose chiefs overwhelmed roman forces.
After that, Rome still continued to decline. Cities were built but lost population.
Roads Romans built fell into disuse and despair. As well as all of these, trade also
steadily declined. These changes were new to Rome, considering it had been so
prosperous in the past. But nonetheless, Rome turned into a medieval society.
Then one thing, tough, that continued to change and increase was the spread of
Christianity. The church hierarchy was intended to ensure consistency in Christian belief
through the community. While religion went through many changes, brining on events
like the schism, people were still devoted to the faith.
Rome went through great changes over the years that impacted the people, the
culture, and politics. While it stayed strong for centuries, it eventually fell, ending the
Great Roman Empire.